Precise and safe
Wheel-sets hold a special place for all railway vehicles - to provide smooth travel and unconditional reliability of vehicle operation, which depends on their quality, faultlessness, installation, and maintenance. SŽ – VIT stands for experience, expertise, wide range of technical equipment, investment in servicing machinery, equipment and custommade tools, and for continuous training of technicians which are aimed at delivering complete and quality services to our partners.
Key-benefits of wheel-sets maintenance at SŽ – VIT:
  • Adapting to your individual needs,
  • Ensuring quality and cost-efficiency of work,
  • Covering a large range of wheelsets,
  • Handling minor requests, too.
There are no safe vehicles without safe wheelsets. VIT keeps them FIT.
Our workshops deliver the right results when it comes to servicing wheelsets, be it in wagons, coaches and specialised rail vehicles or in electric and diesel locomotives and other tractive vehicles. Quality of wheelset maintenance for both monobloc and tyred wheels
Wheelsets with monobloc wheels are maintained according to the requirements of various codes and international standards, owners’ internal manuals, and VPI instructions, which comprise the following inspection criteria:
  • IS0 Inspection
  • IL Bearing analysis
  • IS1 Reprofiling (wheelsets dismounted)
  • IS2 Bearing analysis and extended NDT
  • IS3 Replacement of axle and monobloc wheels (new or from IS2)
Replacement of wheel tyres
Various types of rail vehicles (such as electric and diesel locomotives, steam (heritage) locomotives, rail construction machinery, etc.) still have tyred wheels, and our workshops have all the equipment and skills necessary to service such wheelsets.
Underfloor reprofiling
Using a Hegenscheidt underfloor wheelset lathe, our team at Ljubljana Center can carry out reprofiling of wheelsets without dismounting them from the vehicle. Profile machining can be done according to your specific requests on any rail vehicle.

  • Manufacture of new wheelsets in line with the TSI,
  • Shrink-fitting of monobloc wheels.
  • Maintenance of axle-drives.

Buffing and draw gear
Only flawless operation of each individual part or component can ensure reliable and safe operation of a railway vehicle. Special technical tools and vast technical knowledge enable us to perform maintenance work, overhauling, and testing buffers, draw-gears, screw couplings and draw hooks.

After dismantling buffing and draw gear each component part is cleaned individually and measured. Every element that does not fit the demands and standards is replaced with a new one or recovered component part. The final measurement and testing of components is performed before final assembly. Our experience and key skills qualify us to ensure integrated solutions for renovation of older buffing and draw gear. All our services are aimed at finding a optimal solution for the buyer. Care of the environment is also one of our guidelines we consider when implementing our services. 
Wheel-sets are maintained at our Ptuj Centre, underlathe reprofilling is carried out at our Ljubljana Centre.

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