Why SŽ – VIT:
  • Tradition of over 150 years,
  • Passion for steam-powered vehicles,
  • Appreciation of legacy and culture,
  • Responsibility and care in handling heritage items,
  • Wish to rediscover and relearn the know-how of old,
  • One-stop complete maintenance,
  • Solutions to repairs where other providers fall short,
  • Unique, purpose-built tools not available on the market.

The origins of SŽ – VIT date back to the age of steam-powered traction when the arrival of the Austrian Southern Railway introduced first rail workshops to the area of modern Slovenia. With a 150-year tradition, we take pride in the edge this gives us over our competition not only in regards to heritage vehicles, but in general when it comes to servicing older vehicles.

Museum items should be handled with care, and heritage stock is no different in that regard. At SŽ – VIT, we pay special attention to their maintenance by having a dedicated team of technicians who are specialised in servicing steam locomotives and vintage coaches. Combining their extensive know-how, experience and motivation adds innovation to our services. Because such vehicles often consist of components no longer supplied on the market, it takes a fair amount of resourcefulness, technical creativity and detailed knowledge of their specific characteristics to get their maintenance right. At SŽ – VIT we have them all, and this lets us deliver complete servicing solutions for steam locomotives and vintage passenger coaches. 

Keeping steam locomotives on track
We carry out all types of repairs on steam locomotives which are used to run heritage rail services. We have the skills to carry out revisions, and also deliver quality when it comes to:
  • Casting of white metal bearings,
  • Boiler repair,
  • Complete inspections of boilers every 30 years (inspection of material structure for cracks and material fatigue),
  • Retubing,
  • Boiler washing,
  • Brake repair,
  • Repair of air pumps,
  • Repair of turbo-generators,
  • Steam valve manufacture and repair,
  • Wheelset renewal by replacing wheel tyres,
  • Readying locomotives for service and carrying out locomotive measurements ,
  • Documentation handling,
  • Overhaul and refurbishment of locomotives,
  • Inspection, setting and repair of safety valves, pressure gauges, and speed indicators,
  • Inspection and repair of oil-one-way valces,
  • Locomotive weight measurement,
  • Locomotive wheel turning without dismounting.

Value of vintage coaches kept intact
By combining a detailed approach to servicing with thorough work adapted to your individual requirements, we make sure your vintage coaches keep rolling.

Regular maintenance comprises various works on both the exterior and interior and makes sure your coaches stay in good operating condition:
  • Bogie revision,
  • Revision of wheelsets with bearings,
  • Revision of draw and buffing gear,
  • Revision of steam heating system,
  • Revision and renewal of electric installations,
  • Renewal of air piping,
  • Electric generator testing,
  • Testing of storage battery capacity,
  • Instalment of toilet facilities and water supply,
  • Inspection and renewal of lightning and communications,
  • Coach weight measurement and height adjustment,
  • Affixing of all necessary markings and warning signs.

Moreover, we also provide the following services on request:
  • Coach body renewal (renewal and reinforcement of the wooden body with steel profiles, renewal and painting of the body, windows, doors, steps and individual components),
  • Coach interior renewal (renewal and manufacture of interior equipment).
Steam locomotives are maintained at our Ljubljana Centre, while vintage coaches are maintained at our Ptuj Centre.

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