Common goal – competitiveness and success of our customers.
We operate in a branch where movement is the only constant, and travelling represents reality. Development, innovation, and safety dictate the tempo of this line of work and reveal new business opportunities that we identify and respond to with fresh solutions – maintenance fitted to customer requirements.

Modern maintenance of railway vehicles consists of more than checking and repair. It is our main activity that helps us increase the value of vehicles and ensure their functional value for our customers. Quick adjustability, technical creativity, modern equipment, and specialised work enable us to ensure complete solutions for customers and establish long-term partnerships.
Professional. Top quality. Reliable.
We strive to ensure excellent solutions for you. That is why we pay a lot of attention to standardising processes and operating in accordance with regulated standards. Special attention is paid to railway vehicle user safety. We plan servicing of vehicles together with customers and partners. Regular maintenance of vehicles increases safety in railway traffic, reduces the possibility of accidents, and increases the life expectancy of railway vehicles, enables comfortable travelling, and progressive availability of vehicles. 
SŽ – VIT supplies:
Integrated maintenance of railway vehicles
We ensure comprehensive maintenance for different types of railway vehicles – from locomotives, passenger coaches and multiple unit trains, and freight wagons; to special-purpose vehicles. Our offer ranges from regular maintenance with control checks and overhauls to corrective maintenance. We ensure safety, reliability, unhindered use and progressive availability to our partners’ vehicles. Good quality and reliability can be attributed to other additional services which we have been developing, and fulfilling by everyday activities in mechanical operations and equipment.
Renovation and re-modelling of all types of railway vehicles
Our know-how and innovation coupled state-of-the-art tools and skilled-staff allow us to tackle the greatest of challenges. We therefore offer not only maintenance and repair of railway vehicles, but also take on the challenge presented by vehicles of various types that need to be renovated, re-modelled, modificated, modernised or improved. Special care is required by old-school vehicles. Naturally, regular maintenance alone is not enough to keep vintage vehicles on tracks, so we make sure to keep them in line with all safety and quality requirements by conducting various renovation works, improving their performance and modernize them on a case-by-case basis in order to keep them line with their younger counterparts.
Treatment and maintenance of components and wheel-sets
Flexibility and better responsiveness to the customers’ demands, ideas, and needs are achieved by our own handling of wheel-sets and other components according to the latest European demands. 

Mobile service
The service centre provides for 24-hour mobility of our customer vehicles. It is equipped with modern intervention vehicles, rail-lift, and other equipment that enables us to perform repairs in the field, efficiently and quickly, and help with traffic accidents. 

Engineering and technical counselling
We share our knowledge and experience with others. We provide technical counselling and project engineering to our partners. 

Additional services
Tradition, experience, and technical know-how enabled the development of good quality additional services performed very professionally and in accordance with required standards. 
When it comes to maintaining any rail vehicle type, our services are approved by both domestic and international clients. Combining quality work and specialised know-how with flexibility and the skill to take on any new challenge in the greater European market helped us form numerous partnerships.
Main workshops: Ljubljana, Maribor, Ptuj, Dobova, Divača and Koper
VIT keeps your vehicles FIT.

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