Business consist of people. We build on relationship.
Relationships are built within the company – between employees, and outside the company – with business partners and customers. We are very aware of the meaning of cooperation and organise operations accordingly. A person can affect the environment with their existence and actions. The SŽ - Vleka in tehnika is aware of this fact and that we set the reduction of environmental effects and its protection as one of our priority tasks. Our attitude towards the environment, safety, and health at work is subject to constant improvement. This is why we introduce new technological procedures which reduce the environmental burden and have a minimal effect on the safety and health of employees.
Employees indicate development and growth.
The key element in the growth and development of SŽ - VIT are competent, highly-motivated, and loyal employees, who represent an important part in co-creating added-value within the business processes. The safety of our employees is one of our priorities. Exposure to various types of danger is connected with an increased risk level and that is why we find it very important to educate our employees and provide different activities - to build awareness for personal responsibility in caring for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues. 

We care for their professional and personal development, encourage teamwork, and care for their social safety. We want to provide a pleasant and encouraging environment where every employee can make the best of their potential. Special projects encourage the creation of new ideas that lead to improvements and innovation.
Understanding enables capability.
Success is built on understanding the needs and wishes of our partners. We develop our services and increase the benefits for our customers, accordingly:
  • improving the availability of railway vehicles,
  • increasing the reliability and safety of vehicles,
  • extending the lifespan of vehicles,
  • reducing out-of-service periods due to maintenance,
  • reducing future maintenance cost,
  • safe and reliable train traction and shunting of hauled vehicles in passenger and freight transport,
  • ensuring safe operation of the rolling stock by monitoring the technical condition of hauled vehicles and conducting control over their equipment.

Your reliable partner.
Our own potential is developed by keeping in mind the needs of customers - which we do not want to merely recognise, but for which we also want to develop a fast and efficient response. Special attention is paid to standardising processes and operating in accordance with valid European and national standards. We also consider the special demands and regulations of our business partners and build on long-term partnerships, based on trust. 
We are a trusting partner to Slovenske železnice, Luka Koper, Fersped, Petrol, Adria Kombi, Siemens, ÖBB, VTG, GATX, ETS, ORV, WASCOSA, Ermewa, FER, FUC, InRail, FNM, Atir-Rail, MFI, Touax, Loko trans, AX Benet, Srbija Kargo, Železnice Makedonije, Železnice Federacije BiH, Železnice RS, Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore, Monfer Cereali, MRCE, TWA, Wagon Care, LogServ, Adria Transport, Intereuropa, ADT, Nacco, VPS, Locon, Tegrad, Meridian 23, Metrans, Millet, ELL, Beacon Rail, Monte Cargo, Pultrans, Eurolinex, Sij Acroni, STVA, SFW, RTS.

We provide a complete approach to our partners. 
We create answers to the challenges we face, and we adapt solutions to the specific needs of customers, who are also included in the process of service planning. The service design process, according to the wishes and needs of our customers, is expanded by our knowledge of modern possibilities and trends. 

That is why SŽ - VIT has developed a range of specialised skills which are refreshed, systematically, on a regular basis. We manage our work, follow guidelines, and create innovative solutions. We strive to optimize product processes and also encourage the development of creative thinking. By transferring practices amongst employees we enable a flow of knowledge and the training of new personnel. Professional skills, combined with scientific findings, and intertwinement of theory and practice, are reflected in unique and innovative solutions. 
We are aware of the responsibility to our environment.
Changes to the environment in which we operate dictate new guidelines, a new customer approach, innovative technology, and increased care of the environment. Responsibility to environmental protection is visible in all aspects of our work. We reduce pollution and manage natural resources more efficiently. We handle all energy sources with equal care and monitor rational use of energy. We constantly control waste production, emissions, and wastewater. 

Environmental policy is planned in accordance with valid legal and technical regulations and standards for environmental protection, fire safety, and health protection. The long-term ecological focus of the company is confirmed by the ISO 14001 certificate. 

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