In November 2018 the Swiss certification body Sconrail carried out, in line with Commission Regulation (EU) No 445/2011, an assessment to renew SŽ - VIT\'s maintenance functions certificate and expand it to cover tractive and trailing stock other than freight wagons and wheelsets.

The current certificate for freight wagon maintenance, which was obtained back in 2012 and was one of the first certificates delivered to a maintenance supplier in Europe, was re-assessed and successfully renewed. In second part, the assessment involved a first-time check of the key process compliance with respect to locomotives, powered passenger vehicles (trainsets and multiple units), carriages, self-propelled maintenance vehicles and engineering trains, and was focused on safety and on the compliance of SŽ - VIT\'s processes with safety requirements.

The certification allows for important parameters, which are typically set high especially in regards to safety, to be implemented in good time. In addition, it boosts SŽ - VIT\'s competitiveness and grants us a competitive edge in regards to the upcoming EU directive on trailing stock. Successfully passing the assessment puts SŽ - VIT to the very top of ECM-certified shops in Europe.

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