Special care for specialised vehicles
Our specialist team of technicians maintains special-purpose rail vehicles for Slovenske železnice (the infrastructure manager SŽ – Infrastruktura and the rail construction company Železniško gradbeno podjetje) and other companies. The vehicles serviced include railway track machinery ranging from track construction machines and maintenance vehicles to vehicles used in emergency situations:
  • Track vehicles with or without cranes, lifting platforms, and with cabin(s) for maintenance crew (i.e. small maintenance 'railbuses'),
  • Upgradable trailers and wagons (track recording cars, rail- and machinery-carrying trailers, wagons equipped with work platforms, emergency equipment wagons, wagons for the removal of ice in tunnels, sleeping cars for maintenance staff, flat wagons for transport of fire engines, chemical tank wagons etc.),
  • Railway cranes together with associated vehicles,
  • Railway snow blowers and ballast distributing and profiling machines (ploughs)
  • Track tamping machines and other special vehicles used in rail maintenance and overhaul,
  • Road-rail vehicles.

Services performed on all special-purpose vehicles include:
  • Regular maintenance work (inspections in revisions),
  • Repairs (repair of damage from various sources),
  • Modifications in line with the regulations in force

We also provide maintenance of all vehicle components, such as:
  • Repairs of axle drives of all types,
  • Replacement of tyres and monobloc wheels,
  • Renewal of propulsion units (engines) from various manufacturers (e.g. TAM, Deutz, Mercedes, VEB Elbe Werk Rosslau etc.),
  • Repairs of cranes and lifting platforms (Palfinger, Donelli, Fassi ...)

Our maintenance services are performed on special-purpose vehicles of various domestic and foreign manufacturers: TVT Boris Kidrič Maribor, Robel, Plasser & Theurer, OOUR RŽV Slavonski Brod, Beilhack, Rolba AG Zürich, Mercedes-Benz Unimog, TAKRAF, TŽV Janko Gredelj Zagreb, Frangeco, SGP, Geismar, Riko, Đuro Đaković, Mostovna Ljubljana, MIN Niš, and others.
The services we provide are carefully fine-tuned to focus on the specific maintenance requirements of your vehicles and deliver integrated solutions tailored to meet your exact wishes.
Special-purpose railway vehicles are maintained at our Ljubljana  and Divača Centre.

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