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In addition to our regular and unscheduled maintenance of diesel locomotives, we also implement modifications and modernisations of traction units as well as interiors and design. We will completely renew your old diesel locomotive, replace worn and old parts with new, make improvements, change the engine, and take care of the completely new appearance. We provide the necessary documentation for renovation and modification. 
Do not disregard your old diesel locomotive yet.
The European rail network is still not completely electrified and, therefore, on the lines without an electrical network, diesel locomotives are still needed. In the rolling stock of some railway operators, they are already very old and thus need more careful maintenance. 
Moreover, we are also up to the task for any bigger challenges in the field of remanufacture and renewal of diesel engines, and strive towards innovation while paying close regard to the latest EU directives. As proven many times over, we are a skilled team that welcomes such projects as a challenge and puts all their knowledge into completing them, which ultimately helps us improve our skills and grow together with our partners. So far we have gained the most experience with modifications of diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives from Đuro Đaković (licence Brissonneau et lotz and Jenbacher Werke), which we implemented for our partners from southeast Europe and Slovenske železnice.
In addition to your specific needs and requests, we can provide the following modifications of diesel-electric or diesel-hydraulic locomotives:
  • Installation of new power units – diesel engines of various manufacturers (Caterpillar, MTU, Wärtsila, Isotta Fraschini),
  • Installation of new essential braking elements (e.g. P-blocks for air brake, parking brake cylinder, screw air compressor, drying equipment, etc.),
  • Installation of safety devices (vigilance device, train radio, Hasler speed indicator unit, and automatic train stop devices),
  • Replacement of low- and high-voltage electric installations, elements and assemblies,
  • Pre-isolation and vacuum impregnation of electric machinery,
  • Refurbishment of the driving cab (installation of new equipment, new lightning, air conditioning, low-noise and heat-resistant insulation, renewal of control panel).

Diesel locomotives are maintained in our Maribor Centre (all maintenance stages), Centre Divača (control checks) and Ljubljana Centre (control checks)

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