Why SŽ – VIT?
  • Strategically situated at the crossroads of Corridor V and X,
  • Competent labour, extensive know-how and experience,
  • Internationally certified and licensed,
  • Ability to respond to wagon breakdowns throughout the Slovenian rail network, as well as abroad when so arranged,
  • Logistics support (consigment notes – sending wagons to the workshop, from workshop to the end destination, stabling at depots),
  • Good customer support,
  • Interior and exterior cleaning and washing of wagons and tank wagons,
  • Wagon sand blasting and painting.

Safe future of your wagons

Exceptionally broad technical knowledge, 150 years of practical experience, managing modern technology, materials and procedures, and a team of highly competent workers, enable us to fulfil the wishes and needs of our partners with complete solutions. Our services are designed and supplied in the field of scheduled maintenance, which comprises preventative maintenance with regular inspections and comprehensive revision-based servicing, as well as in light and heavy wreck repair of freight wagons and for wagon overhauls, modifications and upgrades.
Your wagons - our care
Due to years of experience we are now able to recognise various types and series of freight wagons, including their specifications. That is why we can ensure fast and efficient maintenance to our partners. The range of our services comprises:
  • Repairs and revision of all types of freight wagons and tank wagons,
  • Maintenance and recovery of wheel sets, buffers, draw-gears, screw couplings, 
  • Comprehensive maintenance of bogies,
  • Renewal and installation of brake devices and comprehensive brake testing with Pdr6 and MI-8 test bench
  • Pressure testing of tank wagons (including wagons fot the carriage of dangerous goods in line with RID) using own inspection body (not applicable to gas tank-wagons),
  • Non-destructive testing (VT, UT, MT, PT, LT) in line with VPI 09 (STAFF CERTIFIED TO en iso 9712:2012 and DIN 27201-7),
  • EVIC- based axle inspections in line with GCU,
  • Measurement and internal stress testing of solid wheels according to VPI 09,
  • General repairs, repair of accidental damage and defects (cracked welds, cracks on non-RID tanks, fatigue cracks, bogie cracks),
  • Manufacture of new components and parts,
  • Interior and exterior cleaning and washing of wagons and tank wagons,
  • Wagon sand blasting and painting.
Adding new value to your wagons
The ever-changing environment, new types of goods and transport, and nes demands of our clients translate to challenges we are eager to accept, and which open up new market opportunities. We  design solutions together with our clients so both sides can benefit. By modifying or completely refurbishing existing units, we extend their useful life.
Extensive know-how and vast experience, good worksite and shop equipment, international accreditations and highly skilled staff are our key strenghts in freight wagon modification and refurbishment.  
New beginning, new responsibility
The strenghts mentioned above are developed so we can supply complete and custom-made solutions to our business partners. The modification and renewal of freight wagons comprise turn-key services that include the entire process, from design to the implementation and testing:
  • Design of technical solutions
  • Technical support – drawing up technical documentation,
  • Wagon modification – from simple to highly complex works,
  • Complete wagon overhaul - >>modification of wagon series >>,
  • Complete revision of wagons and components,
  • Sand blasting and painting,
  • Testing
  • Component and mechanism manufacture,
  • Metal penal and profile treatment,
  • Obtaining authorisation for placing in service, when requested or required.       
Freight wagons are maintained at our Dobova Centre (all stages of maintenance), at our Divača Centre and ter na deloviščih v Kopru, Zalogu in na Teznem.

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