Comfortable and safe travelling in your trains is the challenge we can deliver
Professional maintenance of passenger trains increases their functionality and safety of the train users – your passengers. Thanks to our workshops we can provide maintenance for electric and diesel multiple unit passenger trains and passenger trains with the tilting technique. We have years of experience with FIAT and MBB diesel multiple units and Siemens Desiro and Pendolino. Long-term maintenance for Slovenske železnice also serves as additional credibility of our competences. We share our vast experience and findings with our partners.

Comprehensive maintenance of multiple unit passenger trains combines control checks and larger revision repairs, and it is our answer to your wishes and needs.

Improved functionality and attractive appearance
Passenger transport on a daily basis requires high-quality maintenance in order to ensure reliable and safe vehicles. Comfortable transportation for short distances for daily commuting and longer trips is, in addition to travel costs and speed, the factor that convinces our passengers to travel by train. This is also in accordance with the modern trend of protecting the environment and the latest European policy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We can thus expect a growth in rail passenger traffic which means that it will be necessary to meet the expectations of a large number of passengers. 
In SŽ – VIT we are reday for this challenge. In addition to classical maintenance of DMUs and EMUs we also carry out:
  • reconstructions,
  • processing,
  • improvements,
  • renovation and modernisation on older vehicles.
Modernisation, modification, and renovation of multiple-unit trains is carried out mainly on DMUs which need renovation of traction units, or modernisation of their interior and new external appearance. We will carefully examine your train, provide you with all the necessary documentation, and prepare a design for a new internal and external appearance according to your wishes. We will renew worn parts, or replace them with new parts which are produced in our workshop. Your train will be thus completely renewed and ready for the transport of demanding modern passengers. 
EMUs are maintained at our Ljubljana Centre, DMUs are maintained at our Maribor Centre as well as at our Ljubljana Centre.

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